Railroad Simulation

Jointed Rail Productions is the leader in full scale Railroad Simulation. From the small local industry to the complete Intermodal Terminal with multiple tracks we can handle any size project you may have. Our team of professionals will visit your site and conduct a thorough site inspection prior to starting your project.

We are able to simulate a variety of rail, marine, and industrial applications to suit your needs. From loading steel to loading automobiles we can simulate all or just parts of your project. Our simulations are a bit different from the rest, you can set them up and let them run or jump right in and actually use it. This is what makes it more than just a simulation. Now it’s a training tool, a simulation tool, and an educational tool all-in-one.

With a platform that can be customized to your brand we can create a look and feel that fits your corporate image. This makes our services ideal for presenting your project to the public, municipality, or organization. We can create customized video presentations or handle an interactive display at your location. Our techs will travel to you and conduct a real-time simulation for you, operating it to your desired specifications.

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