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  • Small business with big business service

    We may be a small business but you would never guess with the level of service and quality of product we deliver on a consistant basis. Jointed Rail is waiting to serve you, we don’t cram in tons of projects at once. We take in what we can do and not stretch ourselves too thin. We want to be sure that we are focused on a small selection of clients at any given time. This ensures we are able to meet and exceed any expectations you may have. Contact our...
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Ready to deliver quality

Allow our professional staff to deliver your project on time, on budget, and above expectaion. Expect nothing less, when your project needs to shine we’re the ones to make sure it does. We will work with you from the very early planning stages right through end of project follow ups.



Keeping our projects limited to a small handful of customers at once allows to to ensure that we are delivering the highest quality product to our clients in a timely manner.

From start to finish our staff will work with you every step of the way so that you are always up to date and aware where your project is at each stage of design and fabrication.



Our staff works only with the latest hardware and software to take advantage of an ever changing industry. You can be assured our equipment is up to date and state of the art.

Having the latest technology may cost a few extra dollars however we feel that the latest technology allows us to shine, which in turns make you and your project a step above the rest.



Jointed Rail Productions utilizes a variety of modelers, designers, scripters, programmers, and more from several continents all over the globe. This allows us to offer a variety of services and options to a global audience.

You will quickly discover the difference using Jointed Rail Productions for your next project. Expect the best, and get it. Call us today for more information, we look forward to speaking with you.

what we offer


Three Dimensional Modeling

3D Modeling and Animation are only the beginning… We offer a full array of digital services for clients and companies with a need to market products of any scale or from any industry.


Logo Design

At Jointed Rail Productions we believe logo designs can be given at great prices with quality to match. As such, our staff will go to great lengths to ensure that your design matches you and your project.


Railroad Simulation

Jointed Rail Productions is the leader in full scale Railroad Simulation. From the small local industry to the complete Intermodal Terminal with multiple tracks we can handle any size project you may have.


Website Design

Jointed Rail Productions was founded not only to produce well-designed and attractive web sites, but to deliver marketing solutions and results. We take pride in our work and and create sites that shine.


Streaming Webcams

Need to keep an eye on your Railroad or rail related project? Are you a tourist Railroad or museum operation looking to add a webcam to your advertising and marketing plan?